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The Portal of the Coordination Council for the Improvement of Investment Environment in Turkey (YOIKK) will provide access to brief information about :

  • The structure and operation of YOIKK,
  • The YOIKK Steering Committee,
  • The meetings of Investment Advisory Council of Turkey,

You can send a message to the secretariat for all sort of questions, comments and inquiries.

Law on improving investment climate (August 2016)
The Law on Improvement of the Investment Environment No. 6728, which was enacted on August 9, 2016, improves various legislation regarding removal of bureaucratic barriers, reduction of transaction costs and procedures and improvement of tax legislation.For a summary of the amendment, plea
Doing Business 2017 Report
World Bank's Doing Business 2017 Report, which is the 14th in series and available online.  Click here for the Doing Business website.  
FDI Bulletin (Monthly Issue)
The current issue of the monthly FDI statistics of Turkey can be downloaded here. 
Liaison Offices in Turkey
The Regulation about Establishment of Liaison Offices in Turkey was amended. Please click here to access the new regulation.